Doraemon is offering free online games and manga

Doraemon surprised everyone with their latest Stay Home Project includes free online games, wallpapers, manga and coloring sheets.

Doraemon joined the campaign to help deal positively with staying in with his latest Stay Home Campaign, sharing the idea that as long as we make an effort to stay home, ‘the future will be all right.’ There’s more to the project than a slogan, though – the official website provides a range of free online games and activities to help keep us in quarantine.

Doraemon Stay At Home Project Geek Impulse

On the Games tab, you can find nine different games that you can play online, featuring Doraemon and his friends. Seek to get away from Gian the murderer, solve some mind-bending sliding puzzles, and play a few games of wack-a-mouse.

The Coloring page is packed with various Doraemon drawings that you can download and print to keep your children entertained. You can also use them to give yourself a therapeutic activity to get out of the environment. Install cool, colorful wallpapers for your computer, tablet or phone. You can also carry Doraemon to your next video chat with these backgrounds from the Fujiko F Fujio Museum and the Doraemon anime series.

Fans will enjoy the free chapters of the Doraemon’s Manga, which are published every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. However, they are only available in Japanese, but the easy language makes them a good read for anyone studying Japanese.

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