Dr Strange Vs John Constantine Who Will Win and Why is it Dr Strange. Divine Satisfaction 3

Dr Strange Vs John Constantine

Dr Strange Vs John Constantine is this even a fair fight?

Dr. Strange from Marvel and John Constantine from DC are both masters of magic inside their respective universes. But which one is better? Picture this: in the multiverse of comic books, it’s fight night and two warriors enter the ring. They’re both masters of magic. One is the supreme sorcerer and master of the mystic arts, the other a warlock, and master of the dark arts. There can be only one! Dr Strange Vs John Constantine.

Dr Strange Vs John Constantine
© Marvel

Some would argue that magic is all the same. Well when it comes to the realm of Marvel or DC, the rules of magic differ so Dr Strange Vs John Constantine means a lot. Being the Sorcerer Supreme gives immense abilities to Doctor Strange and basically makes him the protector of the human world, shielding it from major supernatural threats, giving him mystical objects to support him, such as his cloak and spells.

Dr. Strange Vs John Constantine
© DC Entertainment

Although Strange still seems to have magic on hand, summoning it with a wrist flip, Constantine uses spells more frequently than the good doctor, such as summoning demons with spells spoken backward. Although the magic is similar to Strange’s, it’s also a little stronger and more dangerous.

As much as it pains me, I’m calling Dr. Strange on this one. His disorientation in the DCU is enough time for Constantine to put something together and either momentarily banish him to the faerie realms, or Hell (or run away because he’s John Bloody Constantine and not above that kind of thing), but Strange is just too damned strong in the end.

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