Dragon Age 4 Setting Confirmed. Tevinter is The Provocative Elite Realm of Mages

Dragon Age 4

Dragon Age 4 Will take you to the luxurious and authoritarian realm of the elite class of mages.

According to an official BioWare game development guide, the next Dragon Age game will take place at Tevinter. The new setting indicates a lot for fans of the series about the plot and tensions that will be front-and-center in the awaited sequel.

Dragon Age 4
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Eurogamer got their hands on “BioWare: Stories and Secrets from 25 Years of Game Development” a relatively new volume released only about a month ago, and they seem optimistic that the game will actually take place in Tevinter.

The Tevinter Imperium is a human nation ruled by a council of mages. The council of magisters is led by the Imperial Archon. Tevinter was also portrayed as a wealthy, decadent nation that, even though the use of blood magic, held a tight rule over its people. It’s sure to be a rich vein of suspense, considering that many Dragon Age stories have revolved around conflicts between magic-users and non-magic folk.

BioWare has never set a Dragon Age 4 release date, although EA has previously indicated that it would not launch until after April 2022.

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