Dragon Quest Walk Will Challenge Pokémon Go For AR Dominance!

Here is a preview of what is to come for a game that everyone has been anticipating. The scary question is: Will there be microtransactions? Well, the answer may surprise you.

Dragon Quest Walk Geek Impulse
© Square Enix

When it comes to mobile games, no game has captured an international fandom as big as Niantic’s Pokémon Go. The game allows players to walk around the real world while catching Pokémon in real time. Their grip on their fan base might be compromised by a franchise that has been around much longer, Dragon Quest. In North America, it is known under the released name Dragon Warrior. Dragon Quest has its roots all the way back to 1986 on the Famicom System.

So what does this challenger in the Augmented Reality space cleverly name Dragon Quest Walk? Check this Sh** out below. (Oops Almost Cursed)

Japanese game developer and publisher Square Enix built the game app, Dragon Quest Walk will and will be released on both Android and iOS this year. Beta testing began Tuesday this week, with 10,000 iOS and 10,000 Android users being lucky enough to try it out.

What does the game play look like?

Literally? Battles. These battles can start suddenly while walking around your neighborhood and tapping on the monsters as soon as you are close to their location on the map. There is a story that progresses and players can choose this option instead of walking around.

Dragon Quest Walk Geek Impulse
© Square Enix

Players have the option to attack, use skills/magic, use items, or defend, as well as an auto-battle option. After defeating monsters, they will appear in the monster index, much like the pokédex in Pokémon games. Players also gain experience by defeating monsters which levels-up their character and expands their character’s attributes.

The question you want the answer to, does Dragon Quest Walk require micros transactions?

Before each quest can be accepted a crystal fee will be required. Instead of forcing users however to hand over their hard earned allowance or paycheck, the game allows a cost-free experience that is also healthy by collecting crystals by walking. Each quest will begin with a short dialogue cut scene. When you accept the request, you must choose a real-world landmark where the battle will take place.

Dragon Quest Walk Geek Impulse
© Square Enix

So what do these landmarks look like? A nearby grocery store, convenience store, park, or other buildings and public space. And of course, the further away the said landmark is, the higher your crystal reward becomes. The more walking you do essentially, the more crystals you collect. There is no official word though about microtransactions, but based on what was said during the press conference along with footage from the gameplay in Japan, the game will not require users to perform microtransactions. This is huge news for those who love the outdoors and those who love the game.

We at Geek Impulse think that this has the potential to be even bigger than Pokémon Go and the reason is that Dragon Quest Walk has what is missing in the Pokémon Go game, STORY! The monster index, classic Dragon Quest JRPG battle mechanics, along with the ingenious landmark plotting system and STORY MODE, Square Enix‘s game has the ability to be the biggest Augmented Reality Game on the Market.

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