Drone Delivery Service Zipline is Saving Lives Around the World 22 Million Will be Helped

Drone delivery service Zipline, now has access to over 170 different kinds of vaccines, blood products, and medications. They deliver to about 2,500 health facilities. Their reach is 22 million people. A lot of these people would have died if it wasn’t for this startup that is shaping the way rural parts of Africa and other parts of the world receive and have access to medical care.

The company has had a large amount of success in Rwanda. They have now set their sites on Ghana as of yesterday. According to Tech Crunch:

We’ll do 600 flights a day…and serve 12 million people. This is going to be the largest drone delivery network on the planet,” Zipline CEO Keller Rinaudo told TechCrunch on a call from Accra.

“No one in Ghana should die because they can’t access the medicine they need in an emergency,” Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo said in a statement. “That’s why Ghana is launching the world’s largest drone delivery service…a major step towards giving everyone in this country universal access to lifesaving medicine.”

Jake Bright, Tech Crunch

As of today, the drone delivery service Zipline has raised $41 million from investors. Those investors include Sequoia Capital, Google Ventures, Paul Allen (Co-Founder of Microsoft), Jerry Yang (Co-Founder of Yahoo), as well as Subtraction Capital.

Zipline plans to expand its on-demand delivery service as well as emergency deliveries in Ghana. 148 different vaccines, blood products and of course medications, will be delivered on a 24-hour basis. It will operate 7 days a week with a total of four distribution centers that will use 30 drones in order to meet the demand of delivering to 2,000 health care facilities. It will cover 12 million people across the country. The drone delivery service Zipline will create centers that will have the capacity to make 500 flights per day.

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