Eather One Jet Concept Uses Air Friction to Generate Power

The Eather One Jet Concept will be powered by air friction that runs across its wings as well as air-frame. This radical idea is the brain child of Michal Bonikowski. If physics is able to support this idea, than it can revolutionize the way we fly around the world and perhaps beyond. Instead of the current trend of Hybrid or Electric Planes.

Eather One Jet Concept Geek Impulse
© Courtesy of Michal Bonikowski
On Bonikowski’s website he states:

I enjoy all attempts to revolutionize flying. I have been thinking a lot about this lately, and what could happen if Airbus would like to create an electric plane. We all know that the main problem is the weight of a battery, but. The air is full of electricity, which can be recovered by the friction generated by the flying plane. In wings, during the flight, instead of fuel tanks, triboelectric nanogenerators can be installed, which, using the vibrations of the structure and friction generated by the bending of wings during the flight, can generate the energy needed to power several smaller electric motors. The energy efficiency of such systems is already large enough to be used in this kind of machine. In this case, the battery pack needed for carrying should only satisfy the need for takeoff and landing. The flight itself would be able to generate the energy needed to maintain it and most likely to charge the batteries.

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As Eather One flies at high speeds, Bonikowski ‘s idea is to harness the friction produced by the vibrations in the airframe and the bend of the wings. The energy that has been converted will power the electric motors and recharge the batteries. This ready-made power source means that Eather One will require smaller battery packs than aircraft that rely on stored battery power.

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