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Born January 22nd. She is actively involved in models such as cosplay, voice actor, TV appearance. ‘ Japan’s number-one Cosplayer ‘

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Enako (えなこ Enako) (born January 22, 1994) is a Japanese professional cosplayer, voice actress and singer. She is from Nagoya. Her hobbies include cosplay, anime, and video games.

She started her involvement in cosplay together with a friend who invited her after becoming interested in 2007 in the anime television The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Rozen Maiden. She organized the idol unit “Panache!” commencing on August 16, 2012. This group dissolved on April 26, 2013, and Enako entered a temporary hiatus in her idol activities. The model resumed her cosplay activities, announcing this is a newly opened Twitter account on March 4, 2015.



  • Enako to Love Ru (えなことLOVEる)
  • Ena Plus+ (エナプラス+)
  • Toho Enakorin (東方えなこりん)


  • Ena Sotu ~Last High School~ (えな卒 ~Last High School~)
  • Ena Cat
  • Ena Collection ~Memorial~ (えなコレクション ~Memorial~)


  • Koku no Kanaria (虚空のカナリア)
  • Mini Enako Rin


  • Uthi Wa Otoko no Ko. (ウチは男の娘。)
  • Chuka Niian Niian (中華娘娘)
  • Maid for Enakorin


  • Idol Ouen Variety Seiji Chihara no Bazu Doru with Rena Matsui (アイドル応援バラエティ 千原せいじのバズ☆ドルwith松井玲奈, Apr.25.2016 -)


  • ToukaigiTV no Ongaku Bangumi Geon! (闘会議TVの音楽番組げーおん!,Dec.15.2015 -)
  • BEMANI namahousou kari dai125kai VOLZZA 2 Kadou Cyokuzen Special (BEMANI生放送(仮)第125回!VOLZZA 2稼働直前スペシャル!!, Mar.23.2016)

Video Games


  • Mobile Strike(モバイルストライク, Nov.7, running)


  • Sangokushiranbu (三国志乱舞, Jan.22)
  • REFLEC BEAT VOLZZA 2 (Mar.24) – Recorded Music「Precioue☆Star DJ TOTTO feat.Enako」
  • Shinkukan Dolls (真空管ドールズ, The end of April) – Hime Takatsuki (Voice acting)

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