Cosplayer Enako Throws First Pitch For Chunichi Dragons

TOKYO–Yesterday baseball fans in Japan got to see the countries #1 Cosplayer Enako throw the first pitch for the Chunichi Dragons.

Enako Throws First Pitch Chunichi Dragons Geek Impulse
© @Enako_cos

The famous Cosplayer attended the opening ceremonies which include the first pitch for the Hiroshima game held at the Nagoya Dome on August 23rd. She was wearing kawaii Doala ears a skirt and a personalized jersey made to fit her. Enako is originally from Nagoya City although she now makes her home in Tokyo. She attends games regularly to support her home team along with her family. The cool part is that she has gotten many offers from other teams in the past, but turned them down gracefully because her loyalty is with the dragons.

Her cosplayer for the evening was that of the team’s mascot Daola who even had a game made after them for the Nintendo Wii. Here she is pictured with the beloved mascot.

Enako Throws First Pitch Chunichi Dragons Geek Impulse
© @Enako_cos

Enako has been captivating the internet, Japan and as of recently the world with her stunning cosplay and modeling. Her fans were delighted to see her during the game. Admirers were well-prepared with long-lens cameras, which brought her into focus and up close and personal for their photos. She is used to this from the events she attends including the recent Summer Comiket 2019. The 25-year-old cosplayer can draw crowds even when she is not dressed as a fictional character. Her more recent rise in fame is due in part to her versatility as a traditional model as well. You can see more of that here.

She says that two years ago the team lost 7 consecutive games in a row, but the day she attended they won. So she hoped that by throwing the first pitch that she would be good luck for them and that she is confident they will win. Well, they did. They won 4-1 and everyone in attendance was grateful.

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