Endzone A World Apart The Post Apocalyptic Survival City Builder

Gentlymad’s lead developer and Endzone’s Community Manager will take to the decimated remnants of what once for two hours. It will showcase gameplay, environments, and more. Viewers will have the chance to ask some questions about the game and discuss its development leading up to the Spring 2020 PC launch of Endzone: A World Apart.

Endzone: A World Apart follows a group of refugees, who for more than a century have been devastated by a worldwide nuclear terrorist attack. The refugees will now be leaving their underground bunkers and will begin to start rebuilding society on the surface. After 150 years of dwelling underground in bunkers called “endzones”, the Earth’s surface seems to be a breath of fresh air, but it couldn’t be any further from the truth.

The world as you know it is gone. Build a new home for the last human survivors on Earth. Create a shelter and a home for them. Fulfill their basic needs with water, food supplies, and education, to ensure their survival. As the leader of your settlement, coordinate and assign different professions and tasks. Let your people gather and refine different resources and help manage your settlement’s economy. The world is in shambles, but some man made fragments still remain. Send expeditions to ruins of long forgotten places and make decisions that will change the fate of your people.

The game will Feature:

  • Build a settlement on the hostile surface of Earth with over 30 different buildings and take care of people who live on your settlement
  • Gather and refine different resources and manage your economy by building  an efficient infrastructure with streets and depositories
  • Experience dynamically simulated, believable environments. Every ground cell in the game has its own humidity and radiation levels
  • Survive in a world of constant threats including radioactively contaminated ground droughts, toxic rain, and sandstorms

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