Everspace 2 A Guide To Unlock More Inventory and Have More Fun

Everspace 2

This guide will explain how you can get more inventory in Everspace 2, so go to the nearest trading post.

Dealing with interstellar outlaws, the exploration of planets, massive space battles creates a need to have more inventory. The game keeps players at the edge of their seats as they discover the universe’s deep recesses. Everspace 2 had an extremely good launch with early access.

Everspace 2

The cargo capacity in Everspace 2 at the start is only 18 units. As such, decisions on what to keep early on will be crucial. Fortunately, we have created this guide to help lighten the load of your stress and increase your inventory capacity. 

Players will want to travel to the Ceto System in the early stages of the game and find the Flying Dutchess Trading Outpost in the Outer Rim region. You will want to buy a Cargo Unit here, which will add +4 to your inventory slots. There is a catch though, as one of those slots is taken up by the Freight Unit itself. You will still be awarded with three additional cargo slots. It might not sound like a ton, but the difference in acquiring this upgrade is your ship will not end up as scrap metal.

In addition to offering more storage space, the Cargo Unit purchase will also give you the opportunity to dismantle equipment discovered through exploration. Dismantle them for raw materials, and invest those into further upgrades. Rinse and repeat. If you are new to open-world games then remember this because it’s at the core of almost everyone. Everspace 2 is no exception.

Everspace 2

One cargo unit will be sold by every Trading Post. The results, however, do not stack up with each other. For a rarer Cargo Unit than what is already owned, it is prudent to search each Trading Outpost. The rarer the Cargo Unit is, the more space it opens for cargo.

Pressing R (on a PC) over an empty space in the inventory screen for crafting. You will be able to combine the raw materials you have obtained with blueprints you have unlocked once the crafting interface is available. Crafting on its own can give players specific points of experience to invest in new blueprints to learn.

We suggest stopping at every trading post you come across in Everspace 2, so that you can offload unwanted items to make room and increase your experience in the game.

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