EXO Leader SUHO Prepares For Military Service.

EXO Members Send Off Leader Suho As He Enlists In The Military!

EXO Leader SUHO shows off his military hairstyle in a picture with other EXO members as they send him off to his enlistment. Today, May 14, EXO’s Lead enlisted for the mandatory military service that all South Korean males must do. It’s the sad time of the life of any K-pop fan when one of their idols has to fulfill his duty to their country by enlisting for two years in the military. EXO fans have to say farewell to chief Suho this time, as he embarks on a two-year absence from his life as an idol.

Earlier in the day, Suho posted on his personal Instagram account a photo of EXO ‘s official light stick with the caption, “WE ARE ONE EXO, Let’s Love,” showing his affection for both EXO and EXO-L [EXO ‘s official fan club name].


One fan stated, “If someone told me even a few hours ago that i would be seeing four (4) NEW Jongdae pics today, I would’ve blocked them for mocking me during my time of pain,” while another added, “So frigging true. It’s one of the best things to wake up to and kind of sad too because of the situation.”

The photos of SUHO were posted on the Lysn app and were promptly shared by fans across other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Suho is the third EXO leader to serve in the Korean Army. The first was Xiumin who, on 7 May 2019, enlisted as an active-duty soldier for his compulsory military service. Thereupon, vocalist D.O. accompanied him when he enrolled on July 1. Suho is scheduled to enlist today as an officer of the public sector. Good luck and, Kim Junmyeon, see you soon!

Sources: Naver

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