Exoplanet x4 as Teenagers Discover Them 200 Light-years Away From Earth Which is Sensational


Finding an exoplanet is a great discovery, but to find four? They may be the youngest astronomers to do so.

After discovering four new planets in orbit around a star about 200 light-years away from Earth, a pair of high school students are being commended for making a major astronomical discovery.

In a peer-reviewed paper published last week by the Astronomical Journal, the two scholars, 16-year-old Kartik Pinglé and 18-year-old Jasmine Wright, both of whom attend schools in Massachusetts, were pleased to take part in the discovery and wrote about it the exoplanets.

© Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

“I was looking through the data for everything the volunteers had flagged as an eclipsing binary, a system where two stars circle around each other and from our view eclipse each other every orbit,” Cukier explained in an interview, according to a Nasa press release.

Three of the planets are known to be “sub-Neptunes,” gaseous planets smaller than, but identical to, the Neptune of our own solar system. Each of them requires between 6 and 19.5 days to orbit around TOI-1233. Owing to its massive size and rockiness, the fourth planet is called a “super-Earth”; it orbits the star in just under four days. Sourced from Harvard.

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