Fall Guys Season 4 Sci-Fi Fun With Everyone Its a Space Age Blunder Bonanza

Fall Guys Season 4

Season 4 of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is now available on PC and PlayStation platforms, continuing the fun-filled romp through time and space. Astronauts, robots, and the funkiest Fall Guys this side of synthwave will bumble their way through a sci-fi-influenced Season filled with seven new Rounds, as well as a slew of challenges, costumes, and delectable features.

Fall Guys Season 4 see Squads Mode assigns players to a four-person team that works together and shares the glory if any one of their teammates makes it to the top. Squad Race and Squad Survival are two unique Squad round forms designed especially for Squad games. Each game type’s lowest-scoring Squads are discarded.

What to expect and more features for Fall Guys Season 4

Fall Guys Season 4
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  • Skyline Stumble – Our new 60-player gauntlet showcases a mega assortment of fresh futuristic obstacles, including Low Gravity Zones, Forcefields, and Lasers.
  • Hoverboard Heroes – Set sail for slimy seas as players dive and stumble over perilous obstacles. Ride out the chaos on the hoverboard ‘til the finish line or face elimination.
  • Basketfall – Team up to shoot some hoops in low gravity. This is the Fall Guys future, so prepare for a very silly number of basketballs…and triple hoops.
  • Short Circuit – A new type of racing Round drops beans on the grid and propels them through lap after lap of gravity-defying, obstacle-strewn mayhem.
  • Power Trip – Stumble onto the future-funk dancefloor and light up those tiles in a battery-powered battle for disco domination.
  • Big Shots – Ever wondered what it’d be like to stand on a See-Saw while inflatable stars, magnets, gamepads, and miniature Saturns were shot at you? Well, now you’ll know.
  • Roll On – Its Roll Out…but a race? In this classic themed Round, 60 players dash to the finish line over a series of rambunctious rotating drums. Don’t fall off.

In Fall Guys Season 4, Squads Mode is a new feature. Qualify as a four-person squad, with each of you declaring victory if one of you wins the final round. Squad Race is a new round category. Crossing the finish line wins you points for your Squad; the higher your rank, the more points you gain. Since the lowest-scoring Squads are eliminated, each Squad player’s performance is critical.

Squad Survival is a new round style. Stay out of the slime and your Squad will gain valuable points. The team with the lowest score is disqualified, so feel free to pick on adversaries and throw them off. Daily Challenge is a new feature. Each day, eager beans will log in to receive fresh Challenges to complete, with the chance to win Fame and Crown Shards. Crown Shards are the new currency. To transform 60 Crown Shards into a gleaming new Crown, collect 60 Crown Shards (simple enough). Collect Shards by completing Challenges and Squads, and keep track of your total in the Show Selector screen.

Fall Guys Season 4 Character, UI improvements, Game Trailer

Sturdier beans – We’ve improved our Fall Guys to be more resilient when it comes to taking hits, whether from fellow beans or obstacles. No more ragdolling just because another bean brushed you in mid-air!Quit anytime after elimination – No more waiting for the next Round to load. Hit the slime? Leave in double-quick time.
Fixed errors related to ledge-climbing in some levels like Wall Guys, such as Sweat animations failing to play, and inability to climb a ledge when a flipper is present.Increased physics performance for distant players, leading to an overall smoother experience
Fall Guys Season 4 Character Improvements
Fixed text displaying that 40 players are needed to start a game on playlists with restricted numbers (I.E Hex-a-Gone Trials) Fixed 16/15 eliminated showing on Thin Ice
Fixed the Qualified element not reducing in value when a player becomes eliminated during Slime Climb 
UI Improvements

The big news Fall Guys season 4 is that the game will feature a surprise crossover with Among Us. The game will feature a red crewmate costume that will be available from the start. To get both the top and bottom sections of the suit, players must reach level 26.

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