Embrace Your Weird With Felicia Day! (Interview)

Felicia Day Geek Impulse Interview

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Felicia Day has been a huge part of geek culture for the longest time. More so than just about anyone. Felicia is an actress, Entrepreneur and New York Times Best Selling Author. I had the honor of speaking with her about her latest projects Season 2 of VOYAGE TO THE STARS and her New Book EMBRACE YOUR WEIRD.

Joshua Sexton: The podcast is mostly improvised, so how do you go about crafting your character?

Felicia Day: With any character, once you establish them, the hard stuff really is early on. Season 1, we were really laying the groundwork for these characters and the world. For season 2 we are off running and just really having fun with it. We are going to learn a lot more about my character and her background and getting the character and others into more high-pressure situations. We will also be introducing more characters as well.

JS: With regards to the book, how would you go about describing this book for your fans?

FD: Its a whimsical funny adventure story about YOU! Basically, the journey through this book is, designed to be funny, but also to help people. Help people get to know themselves better and embrace the things that make them different. Also how to find ways to overcome obstacles in the world so our voice is heard. It is also based on my own organic experiences trying to kinda piece myself together after having a baby. There is always a lot of transitions in our lives where we have to kinda redefine who we are.

The new Season of VOYAGE TO THE STARS begins September 17th and you can find that here. You can reserve Felicia’s new book here to reserve.

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