First-Ever Nintendo Tokyo Store Opening in Japan

Nintendo Tokyo - Geek Impulse Japan

Nintendo has loyal fans around the world. However, the respect and loyalty of their fans in Japan are unparalleled. Nintendo Tokyo will be the companies first directly managed store in Japan. The store will have all the hardware and software and all the Nintendo merchandise you can safely geek out about. In addition to all that, there will be an area designed for experiencing special events and game demonstrations.

Nintendo’s headquarters will remain in Kyoto. The Shop will be located outside of the famous gaming district of Akihabara. Usually, Akihabara is the go-to place for retailers of gaming, Nintendo Tokyo will be all the way on the other side of downtown. It will be located in the neighborhood of Shibuya.

Nintendo Tokyo - Geek Impulse Japan
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According to Japan Times, “Nintendo is also planning to open attractions at Universal theme parks in Osaka, Orlando, and Hollywood. Additionally, the company is looking to participate in more esports tournaments, where gamers get together and compete in stadiums. The Nintendo store in Japan will have its own floor in a new department store that’s being rebuilt in a prime location in Shibuya, an area of Tokyo bustling with teens, commuters and retailers.”

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