First Ghostbusters: Afterlife Gives Us The Feels Like The Originals

The Ghostbusters is a true piece of Americana film masterpieces. Over the years there have been adaptations and built a fandom that is timeless at best. The undisputed champ though is Ivan Reitman’s 1984 original movie and fan favorite. The unfortunate shortcomings of the attempt to revamp the franchise with a new look failed gloriously. Fans have been anticipating Jason Reitman’s Ghostbusters: Afterlife as its rumored the son is looking to capture the nostalgia of his father’s original. The first trailer just arrived today and wow, the deep connection to the original is exciting.

GB Afterlife will serve as a direct sequel to the original two films, with (almost) the entire original cast returning to reprise their roles. While those iconic stars aren’t present in the first trailer, their appearance was surely teased throughout this first footage.

The trailer reveals a very different look and vibe from the original two films. If anything its almost completely opposite. In this we see kids appear to take on the roles of the protagonists instead of the adults. The theme song that is synonymous with the originals doesn’t appear in the trailer. Instead of this in a major city like New York, it’s taking place in a rural area. We didn’t see any comic relief so perhaps this is solely about adventure and kids and the world rediscovering why the Ghostbusters even existed, to begin with. It’s clear to us here at Geek Impulse that this isn’t just a rehash or a complete overhaul. It’s fresh, yet nostalgic and seems like a lot of fun.

Rick Moranis is the one original Ghostbusters star who isn’t set to reprise their role in the Afterlife. We have a feeling and there are rumors going around that Trevor’s grandfather might end up being Louis Tully. If Tully has passed away in this film, it would certainly explain the character’s absence. Here is to hoping there will be a cameo of the ectoplasmic kind.

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