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There is a new game in town and its getting players excited. New Gundam BreakerThe latest trailer (shown below) channels Zeta Gundam quite heavily, as various characters from the series handle the narration. In this game you can custom build your Gundam. Instead of waiting to complete missions you actually collect parts found on the battle grounds. There is a lot of complexity to the customization which makes for the potential of unique builds.





New Gundam Breaker is being made with Unreal Engine 4. Their artistic take to this game is unique. The level of use for Unreal Engine 4 seemingly has no limits. It is tough to gauge the game play by watching the trailer, but I think they have something good here to build on for future games. 


In the upcoming New Gundam Breaker we have the talents of Kamille Bidan, Fa Yuiry, Emma Sheen and Reccoa Londe .  Throughout the game it looks as thought they assist you with understanding every aspect of the game which can be cool for those little nuances you might not pick up on. New Gundam Breaker is released for PlayStation 4 and PC on June 22. 



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