First Look Steve Carell ‘ Space Force ‘ Trailer In Hilarious Look At Military Bureaucracy 1

Space Force Trailer Shows Steve Carell Dancing to The Beach Boys and Gives a Hilarious Insight into What Military Bureaucracy is Like.

Space Force
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The US Space Force may be a brand new military branch, but it’s already getting parody treatment With Steve Carell. Netflix’s Space Force comedy debuts on May 29, and the first teaser trailer unveils space suits, scientists, a Beach Boys album, and at least one device lost to an explosion.

The first trailer for the first season, co-produced by Carell of The Office and Greg Daniels was uploaded today and it spotlights Carell as Gen. Mark Naird. A General who dreams of running the Air Force but then “takes charge” of the newly formed sixth U.S. military branch. The way to get Space Force up and running is a bumpy one, with doubtful staff and rockets crashing (“It cost as much as four middle schools,” Naird says after a mishap)—not to mention a daughter (Diana Silvers) who is suspended from school. All of which led him to take a moment in his office, where he cooled down by singing the Beach Boys hit “Kokomo.”

Other things to look forward to when the Space Force hit Netflix on May 29 include the Joint Chiefs of Staff Noah Emmerich, Jane Lynch, Diedrich Bader, and Patrick Warburton; a budget hearing that is likely to be both amusing and embarrassingly honest considering the very disturbing record of the federal government’s needlessly wasting taxpayers’ dollars. Also In case you were wondering, Naird’s ribbon rack seems to be accurate surprisingly.

Source: Cnet

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