First Marvel/DC Cinematic Crossover in History

Thanks Funko and Warner Bros

First Marvel/DC Cinematic Crossover - Geek Impulse News

It would seem that nowadays, Disney owns everything pop culture related. If you thought a comic book cross over would be possible though Disney just won’t be able to deliver. There is one place to count on though to give us all things pop culture related, and that is Funko. There is a Pop! figure for almost every movie, video game, tv show and things you didn’t know you cared about. Crossovers are trending these days on the internet. Well, Funko is planning on bringing you the Marvel, DC crossover you have always dreamed about.

Daniel Richtman (Writer) reports the Warner Bros. Animation has partnered with Funko in developing a live-action cartoon. With the success of the LEGO movies, Warner Bros is looking to do the same here. The Funko pop film would have the ability to be much bigger as a franchise. With the number of characters the company has licensed, such as Hellboy, Wonder Woman, Hello Kitty, Care Bears, Darth Vador, Michael Myers and even Tracer from Overwatch. SlashFilm has confirmed that this collaboration is really happening. This means that Michael Myers will fight Tracer whom he can never capture and Hellboy may try to court Wonder Woman.

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