Foreigners in Japan Are Eligible For The ¥100,000 COVID-19 Stimulus

The world has been affected by the Coronavirus Even Foreigners in Japan are as well. As a result the global economy has also taken a hit which has created a vicious cycle of potentially leaving families out of work indefinitely or not able to eat. People have been ordered to stay home. In order to ease the crisis people have found themselves in, Japan’s  Prime Minister Shinzo Abe unveiled plans for a stimulus package that will grant all Japanese residents a one-off ¥100,000 cash payment.

Foreign residents in Japan are eligible for the stimulus payout as long as they submit an application. We have a brief breakdown of who and how below.

How do you know if you are eligible?

Original reports cite “citizens” or “residents” and as a result there was some confusion about if foreigners can actually qualify. It was clarified this week that the payment will be available to non-Japanese nationals too. Since it is based on the Basic Resident Register, foreigners can apply as long as they hold a valid Residence Card. There are currently no restrictions on the amount of income you currently receive as long as you are a Japanese Resident. 

Foreigners in Japan Can Get Stimulus Check Geek Impulse

But Can you get stimulus money from your home country?

U.S. Residents:

US citizen, may be eligible for the government’s Economic Impact Payment of $1,200. If you have an active bank account and you have filed US taxes in the last two years, you’re eligible to apply. Follow the instructions on the IRS website.

United Kingdom

It would seem as of now if you’re not living and working in the UK, access to any type of additional payment isn’t available. The reason is because it favors those who are not working or have lost their job even if they are a foreign employee. Cheer up though and check out the UK government website for updated information.


For Filipino citizens, the government’s current stimulus packages are focused on low-income households and those who have lost their jobs. There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of additional financial support for non-residents, unlike the U.S..


Australia’s economic relief system is focused on those already in the country’s welfare system. There are no stimulus payments currently available to those outside the country. Check out the ATO website for any updates.

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