Forspoken The Tale of a dangerous land called Athia and 1 Brilliant Young Woman Who Must Use Magic To Survive


SQUARE ENIX revealed ForspokenTM, the debut title from its newly formed studio, Luminous Productions, at the SQUARE ENIX PRESENTS digital-showcase event. Forspoken, which was previously known as PROJECT ATHIA, places players in the shoes of Frey Holland, a normal young woman who must use her magical powers to survive in the fantastical and dangerous land of Athia.

Ella Balinska, probably most famous for her starring role in the 2019 film Charlie’s Angels, will play the game’s heroine, Frey. In the new game, Frey takes center stage, visiting an unknown universe and overcoming treacherous trials in order to uncover the mystery surrounding Athia. SQUARE ENIX also teased new Forspoken gameplay to offer players a taste of the mystical and perilous adventure that lies ahead.

Ella Balinska, Forspoken, and everything we know about the game so far.

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“As the first video game I’ve worked on, and as a big video game fan myself, it’s amazing to see the incredible world and tale of Forspoken come together, blurring the boundaries between truth and fantasy,” Balinska said. “Frey is a character who is genuine, raw, and a girl who has lost her way—both figuratively and literally—and who I instantly connected with, as I believe many people around the world will when they embark on this adventure.”

The game is being developed by Luminous Productions, a Square Enix subsidiary studio established in 2018 by the same team behind Final Fantasy 15. The Luminous Engine was developed by the team to make video games for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 generations of consoles, as well as the PC. The Luminous Engine was first used in Final Fantasy 15, hence the term Luminous Productions. When creating the world of Forspoken, which is called Athia, it’s reasonable to assume that the team recycled different environmental properties.

There is a rumor going around that it is a prequel to the Final Fantasy canon. On Thursday, @RPGMoogle, a Final Fantasy fan on Twitter, shared a side-by-side comparison of Forspoken and FF15 art, and the resemblance is striking.

Trailer and key features of the game we know of so far

  • Designed for the PlayStation®5 system – Forspoken will harness the full power of the console and demonstrate Luminous Productions’ philosophy to provide a gaming experience like never before, fusing together the latest technology with creativity.
  • Developed simultaneously for the PlayStation 5 and PC
  • The debut title from Square Enix’s newly established studio, Luminous Productions.

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