Fortnite Meteor is Going to Crash Soon. Be Prepared!

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Fortnite Players have been curious for a while now what the Fortnite meteor in the sky is. The meteor has been approaching for about a month now. There has been wild speculation when an impact will happen. Epic has now seemed to have given an Easter egg. They could be joking with us or seriously hinting that the speculations are true. 


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Reddit of course gives us four signs that were on the roof of Tilted Towers. (1) Buildings, (2) a helmet for construction, (3) Meteor and (4) the word Today which is scribbled over to say Tomorrow. Those things appear to be a homage to the most popular fan theory that once the Fortnite meteor makes its impact, the Tilted Towers will be destroyed. What else is up there? There is also lawn chairs with a telescope looking up to the sky.




Geek Impulse believes that the Fortnite Meteor will hit tomorrow.  Fortnite’s current event ends April 30th so it cannot go past that date.  What do you all think? Is this meteor there just to troll everyone? When do you think it will hit? Let us know in the comments below. 



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