French Adventurer, 71, Sets Off on Solo Trip in a Barrel

French Adventurer - Geek Impulse News
Jean-Jacques Savin (Getty Images)

French Adventurer Jean-Jacques Savin, 71, departed from El Hierro which is part of the canary islands on Wednesday. Pictured above is the orange barrel he will be in. Easy to spot in case of an emergency. Equipped with what looks like sponsors for this adventure.

According to the BBC, Savin is traveling by using just the ocean’s currents and it will take him three months to his destination of the Caribbean. Updates on the journey are being posted on a Facebook page and the latest message said the barrel was “behaving well”.

French Adventurer - Geek Impulse News
Jean-Jacques Savin (Getty Images)

According to the BBC:

The barrel is 3m long and 2.10m wide with six square metres of living space. There is a porthole in the floor through which Mr. Savin can watch passing fish. The capsule has been built to resist waves and potential attacks by orca whales. A solar panel generates power for communications purposes and GPS positioning.

Would you do what this french Adventurer is doing out in the ocean in a barrel? Speak up in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.





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