Galaxy Express 999 Gets a Live-Action That Will Stream Live!


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First Question, how the hell are they going to pull that off? CGI in live action in live broadcast? Galaxy Express 999 (Ginga Tetsudo 999) manga and anime franchise is inspiring its first live-action television adaptation. Here at Geek Impulse we are skeptical because we cannot really imagine this being any good… It really doesn’t fit as a live action tv series. Either way we are excited to see if they can do it. 


This project comes as its 40th anniversary of Leiji Matsumoto’s Galaxy Express 999 sci-fi adventure manga series. Two cast from the upcoming stage play “Galaxy Express 99 ~GALAXY OPERA~” (June-July 2018), Kaname Ouki (Queen Emeraldes) and Toshiyuki Someya (Count Mecha) will also play their characters in the drama as well. The 90-minute program consists of the 60-minute drama, which will be live-broadcast, and a 30-minute after talk session by the cast along with Akinori Nakagawa who plays Tetsuro in the stage play as a special guest.


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Someone had to attempt this. Geek Impulse wishes them the best and that hopefully it will work. If it does then perhaps we can get a reboot of Queen Millennia as live Action Series as well. The story of the anime and manga follows a young orphan named Tetsurō as he travels with a mysterious woman named Maetel through the galaxy on a space train, in the hopes of obtaining a cybernetic body. The train stops at many planets along the way, often leading to adventures for the two. 



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