Game Review Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne

Do you like Magic and Fantasy? Do you like crushing your opponents with mystical creatures and wielding spells? Do you like Drafting? Before you say anything, No I am not talking about Magic the Gathering. Today I will be giving a game review on Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne.

Eternal is a card drafting game published by Dire Wolf Digital and Renegade Game Studios. It pits you against your opponents (up to four) as you all draft all manner of creatures and resources to use against each other. What does drafting mean? Everyone starts off with the same basic resources and each player will takes turns using those resources to buy better cards from a pool that is available to everyone. Buy better cards and use them to attack your foes or use them to defend yourself from their creatures. Everyone has a health meter and once that hits zero you are out. Last one standing is the winner.

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Game Set up

The Game is Fun. The gameplay is simple and once you learn the game’s terminology, games can be played quickly. I was able to play 6 back to back 2 player games, each game taking 25 minutes for us to complete. Figuring out what the cards do and what combinations will give you the best results leads to different gameplay experiences and adds to the replay value. Some drawbacks I found were some cards can feel overpowered and some cards are just useless. This games also comes with various tokens and pieces that are small and easy to lose. These drawbacks are minor compared to the overall experience and after 2 hours we still were not tired of the game.

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Mid game, Token creatures, hero cards with life meters.

Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne retails for $25 which is a great value a for a game like this and at time of this article is currently available for preorder. Game is slated to be out Sept 2019 with reports that preorders have already shipped and arriving. For the price and the content, this is definitely a game any board gamer would be proud to have on their shelves.  

This article has been updated as of 08/28/19 to reflect a typo in the original post. Nothing else has been changed.

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