The $1,350 Gameboy Inspired Jordans! What’s in Your Wallet?

A Throw Back To 1989


Gameboy Inspired Jordans - Geek Impulse -$1,350


Johnny Barry’s Freaker Sneaks, has done it again and created some retro feels with this new addition. Some may say that there are no shoes that are worth $1,350. With these Gameboy Inspired Jordans, some geek millionaire will buy these. To be honest, Sneaker culture is its own thing with often absurd prices. 

On the left and right heels, you can see  handheld d-pad’s and two face buttons embedded on them, while the front flaps feature Super Mario Land’s box art and an image from the game. Images similar to how it would have appeared on the Game Boy’s mini green-tinted LCD screen.



Gameboy Inspired Jordans - Geek Impulse -$1,350



Both the Air Jordan IVs and the Game Boy were released in 1989. This adds to the nostalgia and appeal. Here is the description from the website:


In the year 1989, arguably two of the most iconic products were introduced to popular culture. The Air Jordan IV and the Nintendo GAME BOY. This handheld console sold almost 120 million units and provided hours upon hours of joy for kids and grown-ups worldwide. Many classic games were available but personally, Super Mario Land holds a special place in my heart as i’m sure it does with millions of others. This pair features an actual game cartridge as the hang tag and the buttons and D-pad are of course pressable.



Gameboy Inspired Jordans - Geek Impulse -$1,350



Will you buy these for my birthday? no? ok. Just kidding. Look they are pretty cool. I wouldn’t spend that kind of money on them though, but perhaps its because my bank account wont let me. What are your thoughts on this and would you purchase these?





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