Gamer Review: Legends of Runeterra

You Can Watch a Legends of Runeterra character get designed live. You can watch the inaugural livestream on May 29 at 6 pm BST/10 am PT, and Riot will be sharing more details ahead of the stream via its social channels. 

Gamer Review: Legends of Runeterra 1

Well, this current year has been a wild one: or should I say contained one? With most of the world still in quarantine, filling the time while at home becomes the challenge. Unless you are a gamer that is. The catalog of games for you to play is endless with new and old titles and Example being Legends of Runterra. This is Riot’s answer to HearthStone and Magic Arena. This is the online card game based on there successful IP League of Legends. After a week of playing here what I have to say on that. 

How do you Play

The premise of the game is simple. Each player has a NEXUS with 20 points the first person to bring the other to 0 wins. Use your Deck filled with new characters, spells, and of course recognizable Champions and fight your way to victory. If you played head to head card games you will know how to play this one. The Learning tutorial is insightful for both beginner and veteran players, and while optional, completing the entire course will give you more cards and teach you all the mechanics found in-game. 

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My Game Play… Yeah He wasn’t gonna win


The gameplay is solid, fast-paced, and just awesome to look at. Plays go back and forth between players so timing is everything. When to play certain cards, what to play first, when to attack, gives you a rich variety of strategy you expect form a good card game. All the cards have voice work and there is in-game animation all of which you can come to expect in these types of games. A surprising touch I found was the character cards. All the art is cropped to show the main character but all the artwork is actually landscape formatted. When you play the card or it attacks alone, the art expands to fill space and shows this awesome piece of art that gives you a sense of the world the characters live in. 

Need more Cards?

One of the biggest questions to ask is how to obtain more cards? Just by playing you can unlock more cards. The Cards are split into Factions (IE Demacia, Noxus, Freljord, etc) and players can choose a faction and playing games will fill a progress bar that unlocks random cards from that set. Daily login and Quest rewards can also speed the process. You can also purchase cards. Yes, purchase. There are no random packs instead you can buy, using in-game currency, individual cards. These two options are great since early players can just grind out for cards while players that start this game later and want to be competitive can simply choose to pay for the cards.


This game feature deserved its own segment. Yes, there is Ranked, AI, and vs Friend modes but the most playtime will be found in Expedition. This is Runterra’s Draft mode. You draft cards in sets of 3 to build a deck and just play random players. You don’t keep the cards but winning fills up your progress bar to unlock cards. The goal is to win 7 games but if you lose two games in a row you are out but expeditions are free so feel free to start a new one. Players may also up to twice a week buy into an expedition. These expeditions consist of 2 drafts with additional rewards and boosted exp. These are a great way to grind for exp as well as learn and experiment with all the cards. 

How does this Stack with The Rest

We have a competitor here. This is a fun solid game and is easy to get into. The ability to chose between grinding for cards or outright paying for them is beneficial for current players and future players. And a competitive game type, that lets you experiment with cards, and help nets you exp. Add the League of Legends fanbase I don’t see why this can’t be popular as Hearthstone or Magic Arena. 

Final Thought?

Well, I’m gonna go and get some games in. Anyone thinking about playing: The game is available on PC, mobile devices Android and IOS. I believe there are special login bonuses for the first few weeks so best start that grind now. Anyone else playing Runterra? What do you think? Let us know in the comments. 

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