Generation Zero Announced By Avalanche Studios



“Generation Zero” is an open world shooter set in 1980s Sweden. Self-published by Avalanche Studios, the developers of “Mad Max” and “Just Cause”. The trailer shows us four heroes in their period apparel: the punk, the preppy, the rocker and Rambro, exploring an eerily quiet landscape with robots on the hunt. Armed with a plethora of weapons they fight back. The gameplay is described as an open world, sandbox where you must utilize guerrilla tactics to weaken and eventually destroy the hostile machines.

Damage is said to be persistent, meaning that the giant robo you maimed but couldn’t kill on your first assault will still be injured days or weeks later. Giving you time to re-arm, heal and launch a second attack. This system departs from usual fps tactics of run and gun, adding a more strategic element of gameplay. Other factors to consider that will affect your battle outcomes will be time of day, weather and “environmental opportunities.”

The game can be played on your own, or cooperative with up to four players. Reminiscent of the “Left 4 Dead” games. “Generation Zero” will be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2019. More gameplay and info will likely be released by Avalanche at the upcoming E3.




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