Genshin Impact Characters – Secret Truth About Ganyu. 1/2 God, Her Skills Mimic Rain

Genshin Impact Characters

Not all Genshin Impact Characters are alike. As a half-human, half-Adeptus hybrid, Ganyu has characteristics of both regular people and features found only in the gods.

After doing Regular Commissions, players can unlock her story quest line at Adventure Rank 40, and see what Ganyu is all about. Given the time it takes to get to AR 40, however, not everyone has seen Genshin Impact Characters like Ganyu in play. A GameFAQs forum user says he has spent 250 hours in the game to get to AR 42! The dog-loving secretary has a lot of special attributes about her that shine through her voice lines. Her story is convincing as well, and it’s much more emotionally involved in the game than other story quests, like Xiangling’s.

Genshin Impact Characters
Unlike other Genshin Impact Characters Her immortality makes her lonely.

The narrator explains this same problem in one of the official videos from Genshin Impact’s YouTube channel. He says that the loneliness of Ganyu comes directly from her immortal self in the mortal world. Ganyu felt a sense of intent in Liyue when the geo-archon, Morax, was alive, according to the narrator. Now, she threatens to be overwhelmed by loneliness.

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In Chinese, Ganyu’s name means “Sweet Rain.” You can see how her abilities reflect her name if you play as Ganyu. As she fights, you can see how her skills mimic rain, and charge up the basic attack, dealing Cryo damage to her enemies. Even her elemental ability to burst is an actual orb that “rains down shards of ice.” 甘 Gan means sweet. 雨 Yu means rain. 甘雨 Ganyu as a word instead of two characters also means a rain after a long drought. Genshin Impact Characters are well thought out.

Ganyu is very high maintenance
Genshin Impact Characters
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One of the key ways you can see this in the game is through her problems with “weight” Many of her lines of speech go into depth on what she is going to and will not eat. She also spends so much time in her work. The Cloud Retainer offers players a potential explanation for the Genshin Impact characters obsession. Ganyu used to be a chubby child, and Ganyu gets pretty embarrassed.

According to Fandom,  The styling of her hair is, similar to Kaeya, easy to mistake for a ponytail, but it is not actually tied back by anything. Though she mostly resembles a human, she has dark red horns that bend back along her hair, similar to how a goat’s horns look, with brighter red markings on them. Most people believe it to be a headdress of sorts.

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