Get excited for the first-ever Pokémon Illumination Event in Japan

The amusement park Sagamiko Pleasure Forest in Kanagawa prefecture holds a winter illumination event every year. This year they did a collaboration with Pokémon that opened on November 14. This is the first time large scale Pokémon illumination event ever.

IMG 2054
Map of the Pokémon illumination

For the event, a part of the regular illumination has been redesigned with a Pokémon theme. To get to the Pokémon area you first have to ride a lift to the higher part of the park. While on the lift you can enjoy a rainbow illumination while listening to famous music from the Pokémon Games. Then you walk through the entrance area where you can find huge inflatable versions of Snorlax and other Pokémon, as well as a Pokémon Christmas tree.

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Get excited for the first-ever Pokémon Illumination Event in Japan 1

Along your way, you can find Pokémon such as Squirtle, Magikarp, and Psyduck. The highlight of the illumination is the Pikachu forest of light. There are several small Pikachus scattered all over the forest and one huge Gigantamax Pikachu. Every few minutes you can enjoy a light show illustrating the evolution. The show is accompanied by some catchy techno vibes.

Every Saturday and Sunday just before they switch on the illumination there also is a small Pikachu performance on a stage in the Pikachu forest. You can attend it by purchasing a special ticket. Also, every day you have the chance to participate in a lottery for a Pikachu photo shotting session. If you are lucky enough you get the chance to take photos of Pikachu in front of the beautiful illumination.

IMG 8544
Get excited for the first-ever Pokémon Illumination Event in Japan 2

The entry fee for the illumination is 1.000 Yen which is quite cheap. However, to get to the Pokémon area you have to pay an additional 700 Yen for the lift ride. The Pokémon area is actually not that big but together with the regular illumination, there is a lot to enjoy.

When you dine at restaurants in the park you get Pokémon luncheon mats and coasters. Unfortunately, the description on the official website was so confusing that I gave up. It says you get a coaster for buying a soup at a certain restaurant. I bought one but I didn’t get the coaster. When I asked why the staff told me that I should have purchased the soup somewhere else. I also disliked the fact that you have to use the lift. There is no option of walking up to the higher area.

IMG 8497
Get excited for the first-ever Pokémon Illumination Event in Japan 3

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the illumination and managed to take some nice photos. If this becomes a regular event in the future I am sure it will be popular among foreign tourists once travel to Japan is possible again.

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