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Give Yuri Anime ‘Citrus’ a Chance





Fashionable Yuzu imagined the first day at her new school she transferred to after her mother’s remarriage a bit differently; she didn’t know it’d be an ultra-strict and conservative girls’ school. So instead of a sweet high-school romance, she butts heads with the stern student council president Mei—who turns out to be her new stepsister. And she has to learn that hate and attraction are often not that far apart. Yuri!!!


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A great manga adaptation in my opinion.  The art was never going to be as good as the manga but it was much better than I was expecting; I was actually quite happy with some of the changes they made as well


The High school comes across much more like an elite girls’ school than it does in the manga. If I am being honest. It was obvious they’d want to end the first episode where the first chapter ended, and I was really surprised how they pulled it off with new scenes rather than just cut and pasting from the manga, and instead chose to continue into the second chapter. Rather than killing the moment…




I think the storytelling and general narrative of the manga feels significantly more authentic and enthralling than any other yuri / shoujo-ai I’ve encountered before.



Citrus goes into dark territory; emotional trauma, sexual assault, family ties, and societal expectations are touched on (though not fully explored). That said, Citrus knows when to inject humor, largely thanks to Yuzu’s personality.


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You can legally stream the series on Crunchyroll and Funimation.



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