Explosive Good Girl 2nd Season Production Director Says It May Happen

Good Girl 2nd season? “Good Girl” was a Mnet reality show in which women hip hop and R&B artists from diverse musical backgrounds, such as underground rappers, current idols and famous singers, teamed up to compete against the broadcast station in quests. The cast included Hyoyeon, Cheetah, Ailee, Jamie, Sleeq, Yeeun of CLC, Yunhway, Jiwoo of KARD, QUEEN WA$ABII and Lee Young Ji of Girls’ Generation.

Good Girl 2nd Season
© Mnet’Good Girl’ PD Choi Hyo-jin / Photo = CJ ENM
Good Girl 2nd Season Quote:

 “I wanted to make a program with just female cast members. I worked on ‘Show Me the Money’ for a long time. Last year, I participated in directing for ‘SMTM’ and thought about what kind of show to make in future. I noticed that there were a lot of male rappers while working on ‘SMTM,’ so I looked to see how many female rappers there were. I was looking at the lineups for the end-of-year events, and I noticed that there weren’t many female artists there either. I wanted to shine a spotlight on female artists who were missing from the public eye.”

Choi Hyo Jin

When questioned about a second season she replied.”Nothing has been decided yet, but I have a lot of ambition, so I did make the show with ‘multiple seasons’ in mind. Unlike ‘Kingdom’ and ‘Queendom,’ we can diversify the composition and put the word ‘good’ in front of different things. From a personal point of view, I think that it would be fun to try a multiple-seasons format.”

When asked bout Hyoyeon’s casting, she said, “I was curious to see what Hyoyeon would bring to the stage and what kind of personality she would show. I think that she was unexpectedly nervous and worried about having to work with 9 people that she’s not familiar with. But she showed diverse sides of herself in character and onstage. I think that she expanded her spectrum with her performance with Sleeq.

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