Google Stadia, The Future of Gaming is Not in a Box 3 times as fun on the go

Google Stadia

Google Stadia Geek Impulse

Google Stadia Changing Gaming Forever

Google Stadia is definitely progress for gaming. The concern is latency. This engineering magic is said to deliver in HD. That is 8K, 4K resolution, and 1080p. They claim to have a high frame rate and deliver a low latency video to devices. The game streaming service will face fierce competition. Not only will it compete with consoles like PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo switch, but it will also have to compete with Pcs and smartphones.

What about the Games!

Google Stadia will work with existing games by third-party companies that you can find on any gaming console. For those wanting to bring their game to Stadia, you can do so here. What is really great about this news is that they are launching their own game development studio. Here they will develop in house games and work with other studios that want to get their hands on Google’s cloud technology, which Google is happy to do. It is not clear if the access to games will be a monthly subscription or you will have to buy them individually.

Google Stadia Geek Impulse

Using your existing game controllers, keyboards, or mice is perfectly fine with Stadia. That didn’t stop Google from creating their own controllers though. Here is what to expect from the Google Stadia controller

  • Two analog sticks
  • Three color choices (white, black, and aqua)
  • A Share and Google Assistant button

The Share button enables users to instantly share their gameplay on YouTube. The game host can control if they want to keep the shared video private, only send it to certain friends, or have it be publicly viewable.

As for the Google Assistant button, this works with the controller’s built-in microphone and allows you to issue voice commands.

Google’s Project Stream was able to provide 1080p, 60fps gameplay for users with 25 megabits per second connections. “When Stadia launches later this year, we expect to be able to deliver 4k 60 fps at approximately the same bandwidth requirements.

A Google PR rep informed Kotaku

We at Geek Impulse are excited but also skeptical. There will obviously be some issues during the launch. It does seem though that Google Stadia is doing everything they can to ensure a smooth release. We will keep you informed as more information becomes available as the launch approaches.





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