Magical Korean Films To Watch, So Grab Your Snuggle Buddy. List of 6

Magical Korean Films

Its the season for cuddles, snacks, and chilling in bed watching these Magical Korean Films

  • The Love of Immortal
  • Fantasy Magician
  • Green Snake
  • The Beauty Inside
  • Mr. Zoo: The Missing VIP
  • Are You In Love

The Love of Immortal

Magical Korean Films
© Rakuten VIKI

Immortal life, Snow Siren, eternal dungeon! This magic-packed fantasy movie is sure to take you what you wanted and more. Tian Yi (Eric Suen) is a beginner in the celestial world waiting for his test of immortality, which he has missed miserably. After his 100th loss, the examiner reveals a little bit of tip and tells him that there are unanswered issues that are preventing him from going on.

With good motives to fix whatever was “unsolved,” Tian Yi sneaks into a confined chamber and unintentionally releases the Snow Siren (Lorene Ren) from her heavenly cage! But was it really an accident? The couple appears to have had a lot of connections in their previous lives…

Fantasy Magician

Magical Korean Films
© Rakuten VIKI

When the local “policeman” Zhou Tong (He Peng) is mischievously framed by a competitor for a crime he has not committed, he needs the assistance of an influential group of superhuman guardians to clear his identity. In the unpredictable turn of events on this journey, Zhou Tong himself is blessed with extraordinary powers and is good enough to find new friends.

Fresh enemies come with new allies, and soon Zhou Tong and his friends find themselves surrounded by bloodthirsty demons descending into the city, causing everlasting death.

Green Snake

Magical Korean Films
© Rakuten VIKI

The guardian of the Luochuan River, Xun Ya (Ma Jia Ming), is newly revealed to be the guardian of the Green Snake (Nan Shen) when she falls into his river, wounded by lightning.

Determined to keep the Green Snake satisfied, Xun Ya builds an inn on the banks of the Luochuan River and gives life to a talisman paper in the shape of a young man, Zhe Sheng (Dong Li Wu You). Together, the Green Snake and Zhe Sheng have been happily caring for the inn for 300 years.

The Beauty Inside

Magical Korean Films
© Rakuten VIKI

To others, it may seem that Yi Soo (Han Hyo Joo) is going on a date with various people every day. But in fact, all the men and women she loves are only one man, Woo Jin (played by Park Seo Joon, Park Shin Hye, Lee Dong Wook, Seo Kang Joon… the list goes on).

Every morning, Woo Jin wakes up to find himself in a whole different body, spanning from a dashing young man to a kindergarten student. Yi Soo is lying in her bed every morning, waiting for her new and familiar boyfriend who doesnt yet exist to come find her.

Mr. Zoo: The Missing VIP

Magical Korean Films
© Rakuten VIKI

Tae Joo (Lee Sung Min), a renowned NIS (National Intelligence Service) agent eager for more promotion, volunteers to secure a diplomatic guest with a very special agenda: a VIP, or a Very Interesting Panda.

It’s a straightforward job that should have gone smoothly, but things go side-by-side when a foreign terrorist group kidnaps our precious guest. During this ruckus, Tae Joo is knocked unconscious—only to find out that he can interact with animals now!

Are You In Love

Magical Korean Films
© Rakuten VIKI

Provided to her a mystery lady, a book called “Are You In Love” gives So Jung (Kim So Eun) the answer to spice up her love life. What has been sad and colorless so far is now lively with every man at his feet! Much to her delight, even the cold-hearted Seung Jae (Sung Hoon), whom she’s always had a crush on, looks at her differently. Is this magic book going to give her the love she’s always dreamed of? Or is it all going to appear to be a mischievous prank?

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