Gravure Idol Yuki Osaki Strips, Plays Anime Songs On Drums!

Over the years we know Japan has some unique ways of doing things. Also that they are gravure idols with many talents. This time, let us admire the talents of the drum-playing gravure model Yuki Osaki! The talented 32-year-old has been playing drums since she was in high school and is currently the drummer for the Japanese band Little Lilith. A decade after she first starting modeling, Osaki decided she should start uploading videos to her YouTube channel back in 2016, and since then she has shown her musical talent in a series of clips that combine both her beauty and her drumming skills.

Yuki Osaki drumming to Tokyo Jihen’s “Gunjo Biyori” (“Ideal Days for Ultramarine“).
In this video Osaki is playing “Zenzenzense” (“Previous Previous Previous Life“) by Radwimps, which was one of the theme songs for the hit anime film Your Name.

What you can see clearly is that during these videos Yuki Osaki is obviously happy and loves playing the drums. What is really cool is that she has her own pillow-lined sound proof room. We personally would highly recommend you give her a follow on YouTube or Twitter. That way you can enjoy the full spectrum of this talented models skills. Also be sure to check out her band. Three ladies equally beautiful and equally talented.

2019.11.20発売1st Album「LittleLilith」より Glass Sniper(Type 1.02g) 作詞・作曲 Noa.h  編曲 clockwork-scene

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