Green Lantern and The Powers Almost No One Cares About

Almost no one cares about the powers of Green Lantern. We said Almost because there are fans out there. We see you hiding. It’s OK to love a green superhero. While certainly not the most popular of DC Comics or comic book creations, the one ring to rule them all is certainly over powered depending on the wearer. Let’s get into the rings powers then shall we?

According to lore, the rings were forged (created) thousands of years ago. They are a weapon for harnessing power only limited by the wearers potential by focusing their willpower. This power is channeled through the central battery on the planet Oa. The rings slave, we mean chosen one, allows them to project force beams, fly through space and create any and all objects from their imagination. So the will of a wearer is its only limitations. If a chosen one dies, the ring chooses a new host, preferring beings who can overcome great fear.

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The Power Ring enables the wearer the ability to create physical objects which exists only as long as its user maintains the will to manifest it. Each construct imagined glows with green light. Very complex mechanical objects can be created to destroy enemies and rule them all. (another bad LOTR’s pun)

When first published, the Power Rings would hold a full charge for 24 hours. They would then need to be recharged from a lantern-shaped power battery. In the more modern iterations of the Green Lantern Comics, there is actually no limit and the ring is charged only with its energy runs low.

In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil’s might, Beware my Power… Green Lantern’s Light!

Green Lantern’s Oath

Fun Fact: MOGO! Mogo is an entire planet that is a Green Lantern. It is a sentient being that is possessed by enormous willpower and is responsible for guiding Power Rings to new users. This unusual iteration was introduced in the 1985 story “MOGO doesn’t Socialize.”

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