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Tokyo’s Odaiba Island Hosts a life-size Gundam Unicorn Mobile Suit Statue. This statue is a representative Mobile Suit Gundam UC anime. The statue transforms from what is called Unicorn Mode to Destroy Mode. Lights from 50 separate areas illuminate the Gundam. On April 21st, the first mapping projection event will happen. 


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Projection Mapping event will showcase the story of mankind’s advancements into space and will include important events from the Universal Century Anime timeline.


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You can view the show that will be held three times a day.  Shows will last for about six minutes. From April 21st until May 6th. Statement from the official website is below.


Since 2009, calling a big topic, 18 meter real size Gundam statue that brought joy and excitement. And in September 2017 a new full-size unicorn Gundam statue appeared.


In the TOKYO Gundam Unicorn project, the Gundam statue rises for the future of Tokyo. Gundam Unicorn  Statue Symbolizes the revitalization of Tokyo suburban area and the development of global human resources in the Tokyo metropolitan area. We will provide practical international exchange opportunities for younger generations. Measures will be developed to further stimulate the coastal sub-central area and promote tourism.



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