Henchman Studios Creates Stunning Looks For Overwatch at PAX East.



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Cosplay. I am sure I can say just that word and an entire story can come from it. Geek Impulse loves cosplay. We actually partnered with two of them. We will leave links to them in our article so be sure to click and give them a congratulations for partnering with us.


When we think of cosplay and how its made, usually we visualize someone in their living room slaving away to make a outfit. Certain occasions companies are hired to actually produce cosplay outfits. One such company is Henchman Studios. When Blizzard wants to produce a solid piece of cosplay to introduce a character they hire such companies as Henchman Studios. They were contacted to showcase Brigitte. 




Brigitte took five weeks in total to build.  There was a total of 15 people involved with designing and constructing her armor and props. Henchman Studios actually made three other Overwatch costumes for PAX East as well. While we call this cosplay at Geek Impulse we need to make this distinction: for a long, long time, cosplay was very much an identity/subculture rather than just a practice. This isn’t necessarily cosplay in the classical sense. It was originally a Japanese exclusive practice. Employing people to create a costume to us here, it is no longer cosplay. This however does not take away from the splendid work done by those at Henchman Studios.


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