My Hero Academia Season 3 FIRST LOOK!

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As we know My Hero Academia Season 3 is coming very soon. April 7th to be more precise. If you were not already excited enough let me introduce the trailer more epic like… Ready?..1..2..3..Go!
As of today we got a sneak peek into the most epic season yet of My Hero Academia. We see that in the face of pure evil, heroes will rise to heights for which they never thought possible. Perceptions will be challenged, new friendships will forge and all hell will break loose. Take a look at this trailer for Boku No Hero Academia!


The trailer features “ODD FUTURE” by UVERworld, the new opening theme for the series.


The third season of the series will broadcast in Japan on Yomiuri TV and Nippon TV beginning on April 07, 2018. My Hero Academia the Movie is also in development for a Summer 2018 release in Japan.


So tell us Geek Impulse Fam, What did you think of the trailer? Was my description above too dramatic?  Do we need more anime? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to continue the conversations and more on social!


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