High Speed Kawaii Bullet Train to Debut this Summer!

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Kawaii Bullet Train

Hello Kitty has decorated the world of transportation in recent years with designs on both buses and aircrafts; but this summer, Japan Railway Co. (JR West) will be launching the first ever Hello Kitty themed  bullet train on the Sanyo Shinkansen Line. It will be a Kodama train featuring Sanrio’s popular kitty cat character and will consist of eight 500-series cars on the line that will connect Osaka and Fukuoka.


The designs are inspired by hello Kitty’s trademark red ribbon; this matches JR West’s desire to enhance ties between regions with Shinkansen services in western Japan. One of the train’s unique features will be the absence of passenger seats in car No. 1. It will be dedicated to sales of local specialties. Car No. 2 will be covered from top to bottom with Hello Kitty decor. The exterior of the train will be decorated with images of Hello Kitty and will be designed to look cute and fashionable.
Hello Kitty is known to be Japan’s global icon for cuteness and was introduced to the public back in 1974 and is now one of the country’s most famous exports. You can find Hello Kitty on pretty much everything now-a-days from t-shirts, to pencil cases, and even on specialty toilet paper.

There is no news yet if this bullet train will be around for a limited time or if it will be a permanent mode of transportation for Japan Railway Co. We here at Geek Impulse are very excited to see this train up and running and we hope we will be able to have the opportunity to ride on it ourselves this summer.


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