How The Ron Burgundy Podcast is Bringing Sexy Back

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On February 7th, iHeart radio put out their latest podcast, “The Ron Burgundy Podcast.” The podcast is set to run for two seasons of about 12 episodes each. Will Ferrell brings back the character as a washed up news anchor who is desperate for cash. This leads him to venture into the podcast arena, despite Ron saying he has no idea what podcasts are or how they work.

The first Episode is based on True Crime, one of the most popular Genres. Other than his co-host Carolina Barlow, his first guest is a Forensic Psychologist. They go over some unsolved murder cases, and Ron even alludes to the internet joke of Senator Ted Cruz being the zodiac killer.

I personally look forward to the rest of the show. Podcasts, though they have been around, are starting to out stream traditional radio and TV. There are many Celebrities that have their own out now, but to do it in full character is genius for a marketing plan. There is also talk that this podcast is going to be part of an advertising run for Anchorman 3. Having met Will Ferrell back-stage at his Best Night of Your Life, I will support this Gentleman in all his ventures. If you are into iHeart radio, make sure to check out their upcoming music festival in Las Vegas. Until then, you Stay Classy Geek Impulse Nation!

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