How The Vr Ninja Dojo Can Help You Predict the Future

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You can learn the ancient Japanese techniques of Ninjutsu and slay monsters in VR.

If being a shinobi was a dream of yours, it can now become a reality. A virtual reality of course. However, there are places in Japan that you can still learn the art of Ninjutsu. More on that later. The culture of Ninja still remains at the hearts of modern society in Japan.

There is a brand new experience coming to Tokyo, just in time for the 2020 Olympics. The idea here is to be one of the most immersive gaming experiences in the country. The VR Ninja Dojo takes real world features and brings it into the virtual world. The makers behind the concept say it will be an exciting 21st-century blend of cosplay, VR, and theatre. All visitors will dress and train as warriors of the shadows. Soon after they will put on the headset and destroy monsters.

This video below gives a more in-depth look at the VR concept in action!

Each session, which lasts for 75-90 minutes and is available for groups of one to ten, includes the following:

♦ Ninja costume (not to be taken home)
♦ Ninja training in the real and virtual worlds
♦ Initiation test (VR experience)
♦ Commemorative VR photo
♦ Scroll certificate presentation

When participating in the game, users are able to use many techniques such as sword movements, special magic, shrunken to defeat enemies. As you may have seen in the videos above a lot of the big bosses are just that, BIG! They tower over you in the world and to be honest, it looks really awesome.

VR Ninja Dojo Geek Impulse Japan

The VR Ninja Dojo will open in Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward on 18 March. Tickets cost $71.51 USD or ¥8,000 per person. There is a special pricing online. It would be ideal if you book online to secure the pricing.


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