How they Died! The Nightmare Before Christmas

We look into a few theories of How they died, The nightmare before Christmas Characters.

There are a lot of theories out there as to how the characters of The Nightmare Before Christmas ended up there. A great topic to discuss so close to Halloween, but also throughout the year. They changes in theories is rather amazing. Some even out of this world.

The significance of the characters are prominent in the film. The interesting thing is that they all seem to know each other. Not just because they live in Halloween Town, but almost as if they were part of the same neighborhood or same circle of friends in real life. We want to start with the mayor. He was either a sociopath or bipolar. The bipolar theory seems to check out since he seems to change his mood quickly throughout from moment to moment. However his mood changes depending on what would be best to manipulate the situation. So Sociopath is up there and perhaps he has both.

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How they Died! The Nightmare Before Christmas 1

The most hard to pin down are Locke. The kid that dresses in the Devil mask. Fan theories suggest he died of being frozen to death. The costume of the devil could signal his desire to be hot in the temperature sense because he is always cold. His pale skin and blue lips are all indications of being frozen to death. Do you have a theory as to how they died? We would love to hear from you. We enjoy this discussion because its geeky/nerdy as well as like a true crime style deep dive into something that a lot of people enjoy to watch. Perhaps it takes the fun away, but its fun to speculate. Be sure to watch the video below and the other videos in the series on our YouTube channel.

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