How to Build an Empire with Shack-ura Cherry Blossom

In the excitement for the early sakura blossom season this year, American fast food chain, Shake Shack, has rolled out their now yearly cherry blossom flavor shakes this February, with a follow-up flavor to come in March.


Geek Impulse went to check out the first of the two flavors; the slightly salty, yet delightfully fresh and creamy Shak-ura shake. As a sakura bonus, the buzzer was even seasonal!

White in color, to represent the cold February we have been experiencing, this sakura shake is a breath of fresh air for the cherry blossom flavor lovers. Other chains famous for sakura flavors tend to go on the sweet side, often mixing the sakura with strawberry or cherry flavors to add to the color and taste. However, the Shack-ura uses Shake Shack’s frozen vanilla custard as a base, using only pickled sakura sauce as the flavoring. The result is that closer to traditional mochi cakes eaten around this time.

If you do prefer that sweet sakura taste, from March 1st Shake Shack will be releasing the second round; adding cherry to the mix, for a pinker, fruitier shake.


Cup designs are a big part of the sakura season in Japan, and this chain does not hold back. The visually appealing flowers start small on the February cup and will be bigger and in full-bloom on the March cup.

If you fancy a new pen pot or just a cute souvenir, try asking the sales staff if they can give you an empty cup! Or take a bit of water and wash yours out if you’re shy/environmentally conscious!

For those of you waiting for the yearly Starbucks Sakura Lattes, you don’t have long to go now; February 15th is day one, so get there early if you have a particular bit of merchandise in mind, as they tend to run out quickly. Busier Starbucks chains also run out of the drink come the afternoon, so best to aim for the morning.

Let us know if you have tried any sakura drinks this year! Which is your favorite?

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