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Far Cry 6

In Far Cry 6, there are seven Supremos that can be purchased or discovered. Each one has a unique capability in addition to the ability to deploy various devices. These are the ones that should be prioritized. The Supremo is a gadget in Far Cry 6 that turns you into a Dani one-man army. This one-size-fits-all bag resembles Batman’s Utility Belt or James Bond’s Aston Martin in appearance. It comes loaded with a variety of equipment and weapons to aid the protagonist in combating waves of soldiers, helicopters, and even tanks.

Most Supremos can be purchased in FND bases that have been liberated, and the first one will be featured in the main tale. Throwable things like knives and grenades, which are useful for a number of tasks like accessing Far Cry 6’s Aguida Cliffs Outpost stash room, are exclusively available through backpacks.

Far Cry 6 Guide

Far Cry 6
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The Supremo will be unlocked first once you clear the “Du or Die” quest, which serves as a training for obtaining the resources needed to upgrade the Supremo device. The Exterminator is the first Supremo Dani will get. This will launch a swarm of rockets at the opponent, which might be effective in taking down Anti-Aircraft guns. Unfortunately, it is flawed, and it frequently notifies hostile soldiers to Dani’s whereabouts.

Each Supremo can be purchased for 100 depleted uranium. Searching the many Anti-Aircraft Stations in Far Cry 6’s enormous playable environment, Yara, is the simplest way to find depleted uranium. Players must eliminate the anti-aircraft weapons and any personnel patrolling the area in order to gather the 50 depleted uranium at each site. Players can purchase the diverse Supremo backpacks and test out their tremendous abilities by accumulating depleted uranium.

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  • Exterminador (Finish “Du or Die”): Armagedon Strike allows Dani to fire rockets at adversaries in the vicinity.
  • Fantasma (Purchase from Juan or an Arms Dealer): With the Venom Salvo skill, poison gas canisters should release a broad area of poison to incapacitate foes in front of Dani.
  • Volta (Purchase from Juan or an Arms Dealer): Use El Impulso to paralyze adversaries and disable transportation and security systems in the region.
  • Furioso (Purchase from Juan or an Arms Dealer): Fuego Loco allows Dani to go forward in the air while also releasing a burning sphere in front of the player that delivers a tremendous amount of damage.
  • Mèdico (Purchase from Juan or an Arms Dealer): Gamers can use Zona Medicina to resurrect themselves, replenish health, and heal their teammates.
  • Gladiador (Purchase from Juan or an Arms Dealer): For a brief time, Juice Injector increases Dani’s movement, melee damage, and total health.
  • Triador (Complete “Triada Blessings”): Using Truesight, players will be able to spot and mark foes through barriers.

Dani will have access to additional Supremo devices and customizations as he progresses in rank. The preceding suggestions, on the other hand, will keep Dani in the fight for longer and let him to take down enemies with ease. That is not all we have for you. Next, we will talk about how to destroy anti-air cannons.

How to Destroy Anti-Aircraft Cannons

Far Cry 6
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There are 26 Anti-Aircraft Cannons scattered over the map in Far Cry 6, and players should make it a point to destroy them in each location where they are currently operating. While the cannons appear to be dangerous, with the correct tools, eliminating them is a breeze. The appearance of a large red circle on the in-game map marks the position of Anti-Aircraft Cannons. When players notice the circle, they know there is an Anti-Aircraft Cannon around the area.

Looking for any FND bases within the red circle is one of the simplest ways to locate the cannon. FND bases will have a red border around them, and larger bases will nearly always have Anti-Aircraft Cannons on them. A cannon will be indicated on the player’s map and even appear on their HUD once they are within range of it. Players should exercise caution when accessing the gun, since adjacent FND troops will be watching them.

Simply use any form of incendiary weapon on the structure to destroy the cannons – grenade launchers and rocket launchers work well. Because the cannons are usually destroyed by a solitary explosion, the user can totally damage the cannon and flee before backup arrived. The cannons can also be demolished using any form of throwable explosive, such as a block of c4, if players don’t have a grenade or rocket launcher in their inventory. At any moment in the game, these goods are assigned to the player’s Supremo modules. The Exterminador Supremo can destroy the cannon as well.

After eliminating an Anti-Aircraft Cannon, players will receive “Depleted Uranium” as a bounty. A radioactive icon can be found on the mini map to indicate the whereabouts of the uranium in Far Cry 6.

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