Humanoid Robot Perfected: Takayuki Todo


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Humanoid Robot Perfected: Takayuki Todo


I recently came across a video of a Humanoid Robot Perfected that fascinated me. I started off curious about what the video would show. I expected just another robot. Once the video started to play I became captivated. I couldn’t stop watching it. I have watched it several time since then. Each time I find myself in an uncanny situation. The artist managed to capture emotions in such a profound way, I found myself becoming emotionally engaged with every passing second.


Humanoid Robot Perfected



The artist is 藤堂高行 Takayuki Todo. His video has gone viral. As of writing this it has already gotten over 1.2 nillion views just on Twitter alone and is starting to go viral on Facebook. I wish I can go on and put into words just how creative Takayuki Todo is, but instead I will leave a link to the video itself here so you can watch it directly as words cannot honestly convey the level of creativity, innovation and craftsmanship that was put into this work.





The future looks exciting and if more artist such as Takayuki Todo, continue to create and innovate and share it with the world I believe the future will be AMAZING!



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  1. Tony Lee

    That’s also sort of terrifying. Well comical at first with the initial plugin expression.

    • Joshua Sexton

      Yeah. I agree. I love it though. Super cool how he is able to convey some of those emotions flawlessly.

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