I Summon Thee Tesla Model 3! (Parks Itself)

Summon Feature of Tesla Now Available For Tesla Model 3



Earlier today, Tesla tweeted that the Summon feature will now be available with the Tesla Model 3 series. This is not new as it was already standard with the Model S and Model X. The feature is what its name suggests. It parks itself. The feature is really cool as it can also control garage doors and drive both in and out of the garage. The Tesla feature even powers down without the need for a driver behind the wheel.



Tesla has hit its production goals as of late. Even though they were off by a few number from 5,000 we at Geek Impulse are a glass half full kind of company. Elon Musk’s track record with production is not optimistic at the moment. Despite Tesla’s track record this could be an actual new turning point for the company in the right direction. It could be 2020 before they can even get to the 400,000 goal, but you never really can tell what the future will hold.



So many news outlets talking very negative about the news coming from Tesla. Do you think it is warranted? Perhaps they do not understand business and the way Elon thinks. It would seem he has the marathon philosophy and those in the tech and media sphere have a sprint mentality. Let us know what you think in the comments. 

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