Indie Creator Spotlight- Highlights From June 15th, 2020

Welcome back to the Indie Spotlight showcase! My name is Alexander Trapp and I’ll take you through the Indie Creator Spotlight twitter thread from this past Monday, June 15th, 2020, where you can see the latest works of some amazing artists and content creators!

Let’s get into this!


Indie Spotlight 1

First up I’d like to feature this awesome compilation video of an online session of Street Fighter V Champion Edition. The video comes courtesy of Dani Plays, a competitive fighting game player from Denmark. Dani plays (pun intended) both retro and new games in the fighting game community and eagerly takes on all challengers from all over the world, including yours truly. In this video we get together with some friends and have some great battles. Check it out for yourself by clicking on the picture above!


Indie Spotlight 2

Next up is this great re-design of the Marvel Comics character B-Negative. This drawing was made by up and coming artist/Youtuber Riot Kitty, and it was done as her first foray into digital artistry. She has named this design, Bludcree and even came up with a new back story for the character. It reads as;

After being rescued by the New Warriors from a secret lab creating their own versions of various supervillains, he is the first to join the new team with most of Morbius’s powers!

Be sure to click the picture above to get a better look at Riot’s artwork and then check out the link to Riot’s YouTube channel and subscribe! She covers her perspective on the world of anime and gaming and more!


Indie Spotlight 3

Though this also falls under the gaming category, I feel like this would be the best place to highlight the works of Beast Gamer Kuma. Kuma has been in the gaming a long time, but brings a genuinely humble and knowledgeable style to his video coverage and gaming articles.

His highlighted video features his podcast, called the Mixed Cast, where he and his friends cover the recent reveal of the Playstation 5. Give the video a watch by clicking the picture above, and let him know your thoughts, and keep it classy!


Indie Spotlight 4

For this week’s crowd funding venture, I’d like to highlight the indiegogo campaign for the sci-fi action, adventure comic known as Outlaw Nights. The creator of this independent comic, Ben Fuselier, describes his comic his comic in this way;

“Cyrus Lawson works as a security officer in a remote, strategically useless colony. The 31st Century has seen the countries of earth reignite colonialism in the endless ocean of the universe. Cyrus has seen his fair share of conflict and chaos as a result of the never-ending race. He seeks a quiet life, where he can exercise some “small town justice.” Unfortunately, fate has other plans…

Ivory, and the pirate crew of Hazard, raid the small settlement of Terez; an art gallery in particular. They seek data that will lead them to the ultimate prize: coveted by nations and individuals alike. In the ensuing chaos, Cyrus must confront these pirates, as well as his notions of “right” and “wrong.”

GENESIS OF A RENEGADE will hopefully be the first of a 6 issue series arc. I would love to continue Outlaw Nights, with standalones and series’ alike; but this depends on YOU! This book is going to be 25 pages long (50 pages if we can hit 14K!!). This book is going to be for audiences 17+ as it contains mature violence and strong language.”

Visit the Indiegogo campaign site for Outlaw Nights by clicking the picture above. Support it and spread the word about it as the campaign comes down to its conclusion in less than two weeks from the publication of this article!


And that’s it for the Indie Creator Spotlight from this past week! This was just a small sampling of the content that was shown from a group of amazing creators. If you want to see the rest of what the promotion had to offer from this past week, click the link below and help to spread the word of Indie Monday by telling your friends about it! Share it with other independent creators that you know!

If you want to join the Indie Monday Promotion and Showcase the next time it’s hosted, or you just want to help spread the word of when it takes place, be sure to follow my Twitter and YouTube channels. As the name of the promotion suggests, it takes place every Monday. I would be happy to have you there. My channel tries to focus just on the atmosphere of fun and creativity, and I try to keep things relatively drama free. We focus on the positive and help bring attention to amazing creators who are trying to have their voices be heard.

Thank you for your time. Remember, independent creators are the future of entertainment!

Alexander Trapp
It’s A Trapp! Productions

Featured Image From ItsDaniPlays

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