Indie Spotlight Double Feature Returns

Welcome back to the Indie Spotlight Showcase! My name is Alexander Trapp and I’ll take you through the Indie Monday twitter thread from Monday of July 27th, 2020, and Monday August 3rd, 2020 where you can see the latest works of this double feature and some amazing independent artists and content creators!

Let’s get this double feature going!


Indie Spotlight 1

Starting off today’s gaming content we have a new video from the ever fantastic The Affro Show! Today he shows us the difference of what it’s like to play Playstation 1 games on the Playstation 2 versus the same kind of games on the Playstation 3. You’d think that because the Playstation 3 outputs games in High Definition that it would automatically put itself over the Playstation 2 in terms of visuals, right? To use an oft quoted phrase, the answer may surprise you!

Click the picture above to see Affro’s thorough analysis of both machines and see how they compare and contrast with each other!

Indie Spotlight 2

Next up, it’s my honor to feature this video from Marco Flores of the YouTube channel Nerd In The Bay. Here, he’s playing Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, specifically the Frieza section of the game. Just like in the anime, taking on Frieza is no small task, and playing the game puts you in the experience of fighting for your life against the most powerful ruler of the universe!

Click on the picture above and subscribe to Marco’s channel today!


Indie Spotlight 3

For content creation, I’d like to point you in the direction of YouTuber Phalon Reacts, who now has her own podcast channel on the site On her podcast she covers the latest in “Popculture, movies, and television discussion of both new and old.” If you’re looking for a new voice in the world of podcasting to listen to, you can’t go wrong with Phalon!

Click the picture above to visit her podcast site!

Indie Spotlight 4

For the next section on content creation, I’d like to once again feature G8ter Byte. She has a video showing her road trip up to Vermont. It’s a great traveling video that gives a breath of fresh air, showing the outside world, and how beautiful life can be when you take a second to stop and look around at your surroundings. It’s a wonderful break from feeling like being locked down all of the time.

Check out the video by clicking the picture above!


Indie Spotlight 5

In art, we have the awesome Digi Factor animation releasing a 3D animated video. The video itself spoofs a famous franchise that has been in the eye of the media for the past several years, but this video will no doubt be enjoyable by all sorts of people who love this franchise. Yes I’m purposefully keeping this vague because I want you to be surprised!

Click the picture above and check out this video!

Indie Spotlight 6

Once again I’d love to feature the amazing Tera C Music! She has been able to continue to work on The Lord of the Rings Online as a co-creator on one of the game’s music tracks. Today I’m happy to feature her latest work for the game, called A Feast at Merethrond!

Click the picture to hear this newest track!


Indie Spotlight 7

For the first part of the game dev section, I’d like to point you in the direction of a game we have featured here before. It’s Monster Finger Games’ Alien Scumbags! There’s no content to be featured and a new trailer to watch that shows off the new content! This game is on Steam just waiting for you to pick up! So what are you waiting for?

Click the picture above and check it out!

Indie Spotlight 8

Next up, do you like mech battles? Do you like card games? Have you ever thought what it would be like to mix Yu-Gi Oh and Mobile Suit Gundam and see what kind of product you’d get? Well wonder no more, because Jupiter Moons: Mecha, by Indie Game studio RockAndBushes has the answer for you!

Click the picture above and check out the game’s steam page right now!


Indie Spotlight 9

First up is the indie game project, Hyperventila! Created by Indie Game developer Tymen Muller, Hyperventila is described as “a narrativedriven open world RPG set in the Hyperventila galaxy. A world of disreputable space bars, rogue traders and totalitarian space empires.

Fans of the classic 70s and 80s era of science fiction films would find themselves right at home in this universe. Jump in your spacecraft and immerse yourself among the stars.”

Click the page above to visit the Indiegogo page for this project! Donate if you can, but if not, please do share the campaign around with other people you know!

Indie Spotlight 10

Next is the project SUPER DEAD by Mandy Summers and Peter Gilmore! The story, by the creators of the hit indie comic campaign Wart The Wizard, is described as this;

“For two decades, New Astoria was shielded from the violent disturbances of villainous super-humans by the chivalrous & indestructible protector, Captain Valor. He served the city with unconditional love and endless overwhelming pride, effortlessly able to break all barriers of reality, ripping through the skies at untouchable speeds with the hero’s intuition of always seeming to be in the right place at the right time. His strength and fortitude were unmatched, and his courage, unchallengeable.

As Captain Valor was destroying a soul stone that granted a villain the powers of darkness, corruption, and the ability to reconstruct the dead, his body inadvertently absorbed the ruinous energy from the stone, mutating the hero into the all-powerful, uncontrollable, carnivorous anti-human, Devour. In fear of destroying the city and it’s inhabitants that he had given his life for, he locked himself away beneath the city in the sewers, left only to feed off of plagued rats and other diseased vermin. He now loses more of himself every day, his mind deteriorating… left to embrace old news clippings and photos that remind himself of who he once was. It would all have been worth it to him as long as they remembered what he’d sacrificed to prevent the annihilation, and what he had lost to guarantee their survival…

10 years later… a new hero, Omega Atlas, has replaced Captain Valor… and vengeance begins to take form below the city’s surface…”

Click the picture above to read this comic and visit the campaign!


Indie Spotlight 11

This next one is a bit more unusual but still fun. YouTubers Edgardo and Emiko Niwatori have put together an animated vocaloid cover of the song Echo. The video they have produced is very stylistic and will have your head spinning by the time it’s over.

Click the picture above to see this video!


And that’s it for the Indie Spotlight Showcase from these past two weeks! This was just a small sampling of the content that was shown from a group of amazing creators. If you want to see the rest of what the promotion had to offer from this past week, click the link below and help to spread the word of Indie Monday by telling your friends about it! Share it with other independent creators that you know!

If you want to join the Indie Monday Promotion and Showcase the next time it’s hosted, or you just want to help spread the word of when it takes place, be sure to follow my Twitter and YouTube channels. As the name of the promotion suggests, it takes place every Monday. I would be happy to have you there. My channel tries to focus just on the atmosphere of fun and creativity, and I try to keep things relatively drama free. We focus on the positive and help bring attention to amazing creators who are trying to have their voices be heard.

Thank you for your time. Remember, independent creators are the future of entertainment!

Alexander Trapp
It’s A Trapp! Productions

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