Welcome back to the Indie Spotlight Showcase! My name is Alexander Trapp and I’ll take you through the Indie Monday twitter thread from this past Monday of August 10th, 2020, where you can see the latest works of some amazing independent artists and content creators!

Let’s get this going!


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In gaming today we’re featuring a video made by Shweebe! Her excitement is infectious no matter what game she plays, and today she’s playing a round of Move or Die with her friends Draco and JoshPolaris! It’s an all out battle to the finish, and a bit of warning, there is some strong language involved!

Click the picture above to be taken to the video!


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For art I’d like to shine the spotlight on author Chelsea Writes Books. Her channel details her life as she blogs about the creation of her novel. She shows the highs and lows of being a writer, honing her skills, and dealing with the daily routine of life while trying to bring out the best story possible in her upcoming book. Her channel is a great look into how difficult and how rewarding it can be to craft your own tale!

Click the link above to be taken to her latest video!


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I’m happy to once again feature the work of The Nature Man Gil. His video posits an interesting concept; getting clean by getting dirty! How? You’ll have to check out this fascinating video about the world of nature to find out!

Click the picture above to visit Gil’s channel!


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While there’s no crowd funding campaign to feature today, that doesn’t mean there’s no indie comics to talk about. With the internet practically bursting with talent, I’d like to point the spotlight today on the indie comic Wolverton, Thief of Impossible Objects. The comic is described in this way-

“This has that old school Hollywood feel to it and it just feels special … It maintains its cinematic feel and scope and displays as much imagination as the films of Spielberg and Lucas in their heyday.” — Talking Pulp

Click the picture above to be taken to the website of the comic!


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Today we’re looking at Gabriel Pescado’s 2D Platformer, How Far Will You Go? It’s a cute and innocent looking game that cleverly disguises how difficult the obstacles are to get past. It’s also free to play and can be experienced within your chosen internet browser. How far will you make it into the game? Only you can determine that!

Click the picture above to try the game now!


And that’s it for the Indie Spotlight Showcase from this past week! This was just a small sampling of the content that was shown from a group of amazing creators. If you want to see the rest of what the promotion had to offer from this past week, click the link below and help to spread the word of Indie Monday by telling your friends about it! Share it with other independent creators that you know!

If you want to join the Indie Monday Promotion and Showcase the next time it’s hosted, or you just want to help spread the word of when it takes place, be sure to follow my Twitter and YouTube channels. As the name of the promotion suggests, it takes place every Monday. I would be happy to have you there. My channel tries to focus just on the atmosphere of fun and creativity, and I try to keep things relatively drama free. We focus on the positive and help bring attention to amazing creators who are trying to have their voices be heard.

Thank you for your time. Remember, independent creators are the future of entertainment!

Alexander Trapp
It’s A Trapp! Productions

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